Student Conduct Violations & Title IX Charges

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Title IX Issues

Higdon law is experienced in handling student conduct violations and Title IX cases. 

Title IX was codified in the 1970s to guard against discrimination of female student-athletes in collegiate sports. Over time, Title IX’s protections have extended to include allegations of sexual misconduct in the University setting. These cases have different procedures than non-Title IX matters, and it is best to have someone with experience assist you with the process.

Testimonial Spotlight

“Mary Higdon was the most courteous, compassionate, and supportive advocate we could have hoped for when dealing with a difficult situation with our child. Her knowledge was invaluable. I felt more like a family member than a client. Thanks, Mary.”


Mary helped us out with a legal issue concerning my son. She responded immediately to a voicemail message – on a weekend – and was just as responsive from then on throughout the resolution of the case, which went on for about 8 months. Not only was she immediately responsive to every single email, but she provided honest and candid feedback and recommendations. We would definitely recommend her to anyone – for any legal case – in Indiana.


“We found Ms. Higdon and called her on the weekend after learning our son had been arrested in Bloomington and charged with a felony. Our son had never been in trouble with the law, and we were clueless and terrified. Ms. Higdon took the time to explain what the next steps would be and eased our minds considerably, given the situation. Ms. Higdon worked with our son through the court process, and eventually, his case was dismissed. She was responsive, knowledgeable, and empathic. We highly recommend her to anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up in the legal system!”


Mary is a terrific lawyer for anyone with kids attending college on Bloomington. She was always there when we needed her and know how to obtain the best possible outcome for difficult situations. She always kept us informed and the options we had. She is a very nice and caring person. She definitely believes in helping young adults get a second chance. We couldn’t have made a better choice!


I hired Mary about a pending charge. She was professional, personable, and prompt which eased my anxieties throughout the process. Because of her knowledge and quick action, I was able to say my case was a “no charge.” I highly recommend Mary to anyone in need of someone who will take action for you to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. She knows the system better than any lawyer I have hired previously. Because of Mary, I am able to move forward positively with my life and know that there are still good people that will fight for you (she is one of them).


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