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Specialized Driving Privileges

If you find yourself suspended or facing a BMV suspension, you may be eligible for “Specialized Driving Privileges,” which allows you to drive for necessary purposes. You must apply for them in the county where the associated criminal charge is pending or in your county of residence if there is no criminal charge associated with the suspension.

Wills, Living Wills, & Power of Attorney

If you or a loved one needs a will, a living will (refers to end-of-life decisions) or a power of attorney (allows someone else to make decisions for another person if they are unable), we can assist. Higdon Law highly recommends having these documents in order, as life is uncertain.

Protection Orders

We can help you present your side of a situation to the Court if you find yourself facing a protection order that you feel has been filed unfairly against you.

Restoration of Firearms Rights

As with expungements, after time and under certain circumstances, it may be possible to restore one’s right to possess and purchase firearms. We can help assess your situation to determine if you are eligible for such and map out the best way, through Indiana and Federal laws, to achieve that results

Testimonial Spotlight

“Great experience. Extremely professional and fast. Sealed my record and provided follow-up service even months down the road when I had questions. Great lawyer!”


“I have hired Mary Higdon twice to help me expunge/seal convictions from my criminal record in the State of Indiana. Both times, Mary has taken a genuine interest in my cases and has taken immediate action to move forward with removing convictions from my record. I definitely recommend Mary Higdon to anyone who is seeking help and advice in expunging records.


“Mary Higdon is the best. She helped us through the whole process. She was very patient and always available to answer any of our questions. I highly recommend her services.”


“She is simply the best. She knows what she is doing and she explained the process to me and told me what is going to happen. She was very organized and I had full confidence in her. I highly recommend her.”


“Mary Higdon helped me with something that I was wrongfully tried for and did an outstanding job getting my background cleared. Thank-You Mary, for all that you’ve done for me and my family!”


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