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“Mary is a thoughtful, kind, and professional lawyer. She knows the ins and outs of Indiana Law and made navigating the legal sphere seamless and easy. Always quick to respond and super helpful! Easily the best lawyer that I have had to work with!


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Mary Higdon is the best and nicest lawyer ever! She goes above and beyond to help. I highly recommend her to anyone! She really cares about her clients.


“Mary Higdon helped our family navigate through a difficult situation. She went out of her way to be available to us, and her expertise and professionalism were most impressive. We felt comfortable asking questions about the specifics involved in the situation, and she was timely and thorough in her responses. We would highly recommend her.”


“We reached out to Mary for help regarding an issue that occurred with my son in Bloomington. She is wonderful! She was able to explain the entire process of what we needed to do, what was required or potentially could occur and advised us on what we should do if there is an issue. She was 100% correct in everything she explained regarding the event and how to proceed.

What made our call and discussion even more powerful was her complete and honest transparency. She clearly said to wait until the legal and court discussions occur before we even proceed to hire her. We couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. She gave us the reassurance and confidence we needed for this issue and she was completely correct on the outcome.

If you need an excellent attorney in the Bloomington area, Mary Higdon is the best person to call.”


“I would highly recommend Mary Higdon. She’s a very personable, altruistic, and intelligent woman. She will provide useful help at a reasonable price. If you have been charged with of a DUI, she’s your go-to person!”


“Mary is Awesome, she did exactly what she said, and she got back with me every time! I am very happy! She is a Wonderful Attorney! She is AWESOME! I can’t say enough good things about her, there are so many!”


Ms. Higdon is the most kind-hearted gladiator that I luckily chose for my legal issues. I had read up about her online, and all of the good reviews were true and then some. She lays out all of your options and will pursue whichever you want, but she tells you what, in her informed opinion, will most likely lead to the best outcome. You will want her in your corner.”


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